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Plan your birthday party with MOI Toronto!

Looking to host a birthday party? Look no further than Museum of Illusions Toronto. As a true edutainment destination, we make learning enjoyable and fun. Museum of Illusions will entertain your child and guests through highly visual, engaging, and hands-on exhibits that tease the senses and trick the mind.

For more information or to book your time, contact us through the contact form or email us at [email protected]

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Let's get started with your special event!

Create an unforgettable birthday party experience! Immerse yourself and your guests in the wonderful world of mind-bending illusions! Contact us and let us help you organize a mind-blowing birthday celebration!

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    • “Had an amazing time. Every room is original and stimulating. Great spot for pictures too. Not a single complaint, I would highly recommend all to try it out!”

      Camille Théophile

    • “Great visit to the Museum today with wife and kids! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and there is definitely something in here for everyone.”

      Keith Wilson

    • “I loved visiting the Museum of Illusions!! There were so many fun interactive experiences throughout the whole museum.”

      Megan Rocha