Educational Focus

Above all, we aim to educate and intrigue.

Our family friendly, all-inclusive experience can offer something new to learn in almost any subject for all ages.

For mathematics, take a gander at the captivating geometric shapes of one of our newest exhibitions, the Moire Pattern. Such interference patterns are made out of two discs with identical prints. One disc is static while the other one can be rotated, producing an infinite number of overlapping patterns.

Science-focused individuals will enjoy our Color Room and its showcasing of color theory. Here, three primary-colored lights shine against a blank background and create a white light. By entering this space, a person blocks at least one of these lights at any given time. The result is that the remaining lights mix together, forming various multicolored shadows behind you.

Those interested in psychology will want to take a look at our Hollow Face illusion. Our minds feed us information based on experience and so when we view the concave faces of this exhibit, we re-interpret them as the ordinary 3-dimensional forms we would expect to find. It is a fascinating effect which highlights how the brain processes information.

For studies on attention and reaction time, you may want to look into the Stroop Effect which you can test firsthand in our Colors installation. One of the most well-known phenomena of cognitive psychology, the Stroop Effect reveals that it is easier to state the color of a word when its meaning matches up with it. For example, a word like “blue” written in red ink will be more challenging to say than a word like “green” written in green ink. Some studies have actually found variation in the intensity of this effect depending on variables like practice and age. Assess yourself and see. Will you be the exception?

Meanwhile, artists can take inspiration from some of the very illusions that have influenced op art for decades.

These exhibitions are just the tip of the iceberg for the educational experience we have to offer. We have had 500+ schools across Canada visit us from JK/SK to university & college levels along with daycamps, photography/art camps and ESL students. Teachers from just about every high school, middle school, and elementary school in the city bring their students year after year, including the Museum of Illusions as a part of their yearly curriculum.

Visits are informative and fun, making our museum a great place for students, seniors, and the entire family to explore. Members of our staff are always on standby, happy to answer questions and offer details on any exhibit. We have so much to share with you. After all, optical illusions have piqued the interests of some of the world’s greatest thinkers for centuries. From studies of the brain and eyes to ponderings on human nature, there continues to be so much to learn.

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